Monday, December 6, 2010

Final Project

So here we are, at the end of all that is Art 100... Haha, but we still have our blogs. So clearly this is my final sculpture project, the pun: "When artists dream it's just a pigment of their imagination". So my biggest challenge in this project was trying to sculpt imagination. I spent many hours thinking what people perceive as imagination, only then did I decide to let people come up with their own ideas themselves, hence the clouds. Then I focused on color, with pigment in my quotation I knew it was a main point. Lastly, I focused on the dreaming aspect, and what better to represent dreams than a pillow? Hope you all enjoy!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Being a bit wordy.

Here is my million-word text based project. I was really going for the comparison how easily it is to understand a textbook explaining the ribs compared to how life is in reality, detailed and sometimes confusing. I enjoyed this project, even though it took me forever. I recommend everyone read Life of Pi, wonderful book.

After the critique in class I went back and fixed a few points people had brought up. I added more of the book to the inside of the ribcage, to the ends of the ribs to make them look like they curve off into the distance better and adding more shadow between ribs and the section between the ribs and the sternum. Basically, I just added more realistic detail to the piece, and yes, still words from the book.

Midterm Madness

This is the project portion of the midterm. My topic was Surrealism and Neo-surrealism. I chose to do something like this because it incorporates my three artists with the pipe, the rose, and the water. I also wanted to incorporate the themes of surrealism and neo-surrealism, with the chessboard and water, as these two elements are found in a lot of surrealist works. Overall, I think this project went really well and I enjoyed it the whole time.

Ribcage Beginnings

This is the paper sculpture of my ribcage. I found this part to be much more difficult than the scuplpting in cardboard because there were so many decisions I needed to make; how to make the vertebrae, if the ribs should be rounded, how to curve the ribs without bending, etc. But in the end, this little sculpture helped loads on the cardboard sculpture.
This, although it's hard to see, is the first full sized sketch we had to do on newspaper paper. I tried to fix it up as much as I could in photoshop, but I just pressed so lightly when I was sketching it that it doesn't look much better. Anyway, it's the basis of my learning the form and logsitics of the ribcage.


This is the distorted self portrait in ink, and as some of you may remember I had a landscape picture that I turned to portrait to make really distorted. For this piece, I wanted to use many types of ink processes to achieve an overall piece, because I quite enjoy ink. I used stipling (hard to miss), hatching, and a little bit of crosshatching. I really enjoyed the process of this piece, and even though it is incredibly distorted I appreciate how you can tell it's still me. Kinda.

Paper Collage

This is the first "attempt" at the finished, three stage collage from paper. I really enjoyed this project and how it was three steps. My initial thought at this project was that it was going to be really simple, shapes on a piece of paper. But once we were to put non-geometric shapes on it, I felt that it had something more, a story to it.

After the critique in class, I took all of the comments and criticisms to heart. I, too agree that the paint chip border looked kinda silly and too easy (sorry Kelly, I still love you). So here, in my "revival", as it were,
I took off the border. I also felt that the "birds" in the water were a bit childish and immature, so I thought to make the ocean a bit more rough and hurricane like. Lastly, I brightened the lightning because I felt it needed to be the center and most noticable part of my piece. With all of these additions as well as some subtractions, I feel this piece is much more succesful as a collage.

Photoshop collage

Here is my photoshopped collage. I started with my ribcage as an imported picture and for a second thought it resembled a beehive, hence the theme. I wanted it to be bigger, but had a few problems with paper sizing and the like, and afterwards it was a bit too late to add any more paper or items. Although I am very pleased with this finished project, I feel it could use a bit more.....